• Our Curriculum

    The preschool years are a crucial window in a child’s academic, social and cultural development. Which is why we tailor the years spent at Little Ivies to encourage our children’s development skills through self exploration, structured lesson plans and the infusion of art, music, and physical fitness while also introducing a variety of activities that celebrate and explore diversity and cultural awareness.


    Princeton Poodles (3-12 months)

    Our infant program is designed to create a warm and welcoming, learning environment that allows babies to investigate and discover their surroundings freely. Our daily routines are geared to support the rapid and important development that is occurring in a child’s first year.

    It is our focus to keep our infants engaged with Books, Music, Art and tummy time in a personalized way that is unique to his or her schedule, readiness and at home routines.


    Yale Yorkies (12 – 18 months)

    Our toddler program is aimed at developing social interaction, gross motor skills, language, the basic understanding of numbers and the introduction to technology in a safe, engaging environment that helps your toddler to learn about his or her expanding world.

    We understand that young toddlers do not have a very long attention span which is why our teachers plan a variety of projects and activities that vary from day to day. Through the guidance of our early childhood development professionals, toddlers enjoy learning experiences that promote their blossoming independence as well as their emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development.


    Harvard Hounds (18 – 36 months)

    As our children grow our curriculum evolves with them; ensuring each child has a solid understanding of several academic subjects, knowledge of the correct usage of technology and the exposure to topics that are relevant to our family, community, and nation.

    Our goal is to get the older toddlers and Pre-schoolers to become logical thinkers that think more creatively, learn to spend time completing tasks and have the ability to work in small groups or independently. Math and literacy become larger parts of the day and we begin to lengthen our structured meeting times to work on more focused attention spans. Preparing them for the world of kindergarten and the demands of NYC private school entrance exams.