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Slipping and Napping Arrangement

I, understand that my child, while under the care of LITTLE IVIES PREP will be napping on a crib OR cot within one the designated classrooms of the child care facility

My napping child will have competent supervision at all times through, direct supervision by a caregiver who is in the same room and has direct visual contact with him/her OR an electronic monitor as an indirect means of supervision while my child is napping.

If my child is an infant, I also understand that my child will be placed on his/her back to sleep

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Outdoor & Field Trip Permission Slip

In the interest of the all-round development of your child, we seek your permission to take your child on nature walks, the local parks as well as field trips in the neighborhood when the weather permits. Please sign and return the permission slip indicating acceptance.

to go on outings and or field trips that require him/her to leave the school premises.

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