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Thank You for Choosing Little Ivies Prep!

We are delighted to have you and your child become a part of the

Little Ivies family

There are several forms that make up the Little Ivies enrollment packet to complete your child’s file and the admissions process.
This packet also includes a child health statement form that must be completed by a doctor prior to every child’s first day and updated annually in addition to all immunization guidelines.
This packet must be completed and be in our possession before we can assume the responsibility of caring for your child.
This ensures that your child receives the very best care possible and satisfies the record keeping requirement of state licensing guidelines.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us



Please fill out the questionnaire below as much as you can, so that we can learn more about your child’s personality, routines at home and any medical needs your child may have. Being that children spend a large part of their day with us it is important that we understand as much about their home life as possible. All information about your child will be kept confidential and at no time will this information be released to anyone.


1) Describe something your child loves to do?


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