Welcome to Little Ivies Prep! Where we are dedicated to educating and nurturing children ages birth to 5 years old.

Children in our program are challenged with lessons, topics and activities thoughtfully chosen by our teachers, to foster each child's ability and talent. While also learning through free play and self exploration of our centers and classrooms throughout the day.

We pride ourselves on providing an upscale preschool education in an effective and unique way and are committed to ensuring our early learners discover what interests and inspires them, develop a lifetime love of learning and move on from our program with the necessary readiness for school and the world ahead.

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At Little Ivies we use technology in every aspect of our day and believe that the developmentally appropriate use of technology allows young learners to explore new worlds, make believe, and actively engage in fun and challenging activities.

Each classroom is equipped with an IPad and/or computer and our teachers selectively incorporate the use of technology into our daily routines through music, visual activities and educational applications such as and

We also use technology to communicate with parents daily, allowing them to  receive pictures and updates in real time, and send messages to staff members.



Music is a large part of the day at Little Ivies with each morning beginning with a group music and movement activity. Throughout the day children are exposed to all genres of music, play with instruments and engage in sing along or dance activities. They also have the opportunity to request songs of their choice during our free play times and listen to classical or acoustic tunes during their lunch and rest period.


Little Ivies enjoys incorporating local sports programs into our schedule throughout the year for an additional fee. We have previously partnered with Supper Soccer Stars, Kids Tennis Co. and Take Me to The Water ensuring our children are continuously engaged in healthy activities and learn the meaning of sportsmanship and team work.


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